Lionsgate Soular Regeneration

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A 4 day Excursion to Your Authentic Soul Essence You are a one of a kind manifestation of…

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A 4 day Excursion to Your Authentic Soul Essence

You are a one of a kind manifestation of the Divine that came here to bring light and magic to the world in a way that is special to you!

Every August 8th we are blessed with a sacred star alignment which opens up the light trails of information that reach the deeper essence of your Soul Codes and Inner Truth.  August 11th is a partial eclipse which will reveal the bigger picture of what you came to the planet for during this Fifth Dimensional energy time!

Doing intentional connection and activation work during this time accelerates your healing, empowerment and greater understanding of who you are!

During this 4 day soular excursion you will be guided back to the natural alignment of your inner STAR, igniting your spiritual gifts and mapping of your soul purpose

Understand the Light Codes of your true essence, purpose and timelessness of your soul.

See the macro effects of your daily actions and how to better align them to your Soul Essence

Gain awareness of the limiting patterns and perceptions that are distorting your reality and how to shift out of them.

Craft a higher and deeper relationship to your Higher Self and Soul Alliance (aka your Spirit Guides + Angels supporting you on your journey)


So that you can feel fulfilled and live more authentically.  Be a LIGHT on the planet.  Heal your body, mind and spirit. Accelerate your growth


Your Lionsgate Soular Regeneration Kit Includes:

-A Lionsgate Star Coding Activation Video led by Valerie
-A  Recoding and Awakening Guide book with rituals and divine declarations for recoding and unlocking the energy of your Truth

-A guided shamanic journey recording led by Valerie to expand your energy and form a deeper connection with your Higher Self and Soul Alliance

To get your Soular Regeneration Kit simply hit the purchase button.  (If you are new to Laviah Spiritual Arts School, please take a few moments to register for a membership)

YOUR LIONSGATE SOULAR REGENERATION KIT IS AN INSTANT DOWNLOAD!!!  AS SOON AS YOU PURCHASE THE KIT WILL BE AVIALABLE TO DOWNLOAD.  If you don’t download it please message Valerie Schultz-Gonzalez on facebook messenger for quick response.  Or email


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